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The use of turf as an erosion and sediment control measure

“The use of turf as an erosion and sediment control measure” - A draft Australian Standard is now out and available for public comment The “use and installation of turf as a ..

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Transform the look of your lawn today!

A new lawn (/instant-turf/varieties/sir-walter-instant-turf.htm) is the fastest, easiest and most inexpensive way to transform any property or public open space. Thanks Paul McMahon from Echuca West f ..

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Want to know how to have the best looking lawn in the street?

A luscious lawn (/instant-turf/benefits.htm) landscape is one of life’s most simple pleasures. But any backyard will only ever be as a good as it is managed. To give your lawn (/instant-turf/va ..

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New community parkland unveiled

Echuca West residents are the big winners in our Murray River towns this week following the completion of Echuca Moama’s newest community asset. Land developers of the Echuca West Park View housing  ..

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Sir Walter now on Auction

Sir Walter turf (/lawn/sir-walter-turf-buffalo-lawn) now up for grabs via 3BO radio stations my live auction site - link below. There are five prizes of 100m2 on offer. The bidding war starts NOW! Get online a ..

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