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Benefits of turf

If, like many of our customers, you want to do your bit to combat climate change, you’ll be pleased to know that Coolabah Turf specialises in drought-tolerant turf varieties. Once established, they have minimal water requirements and can be maintained with grey, tank or bore water supplies.

A landscape of turf will transform your hot, bare yard and reduce surface temperatures by up to 10ºC, or up to 30ºC compared to synthetic surfaces.

And from an environmental standpoint, a small lawn area of just 5m2 of turf will provide enough oxygen for one person for an entire day!

So reduce your carbon footprint in an instant and invest in Mother Nature’s overlooked, yet most efficient, cooling system - a healthy lawn from Coolabah Turf.


Other benefits of turf include:

Environmental: soil erosion control, dust prevention, heat dissipation, noise abatement, glare reduction, air pollution control.

Recreational: low cost playing surface for community parks, playgrounds, golf courses, and sports fields. Enhanced player safety and spectator enjoyment.

Commercial: boost property values.

Aesthetics: quality of life, social harmony, community pride.

Reduce your carbon footprint

For more environmental facts on the benefits of preserving green space in your community, check out: www.projectevergreen.com

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