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Which turf when... or what turf where?

The Coolabah philosophy to specialise in the exclusive supply of environmentally sustainable, watersmart turf varieties will ensure we fulfill our ''lawn for life'' promise to every customer.

Our qualified team of turf managers will help you chose the right variety of turf to suit your environment and lifestyle needs to guarantee you will always have the best looking lawn in the street!

Sir Walter DNA Certified Instant Turf

Sir Walter DNA Certified - The Only Choice for the Home Lawn


Sir Walter DNA Certified Soft Leaf Buffalo is so soft and lush you need to see it to believe it! Only then will you understand why Sir Walter DNA Certified is our number one selling turfgrass choice for residential home owners...

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Eureka Kikuyu VG

Eureka Premium VG - Superior Winter Performer


Eureka Premium VG is a superior performing winter active Eureka Kikuyu turfgrass variety, and is the first patented variety of Eureka Kikuyu in the world. For lovers of common Eureka Kikuyu - (which normally - is like the Collingwood Football Club - you either love it or hate it!)...

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Nullarbor Couch

Nullarbor Couch - Great for Sports


Nullarbor Couch is a great grass if you want the ball to bounce in your backyard test match! It is however, primarily a turfgrass suited to professional sports turf surfaces, including golf, bowls, tennis, cricket and majority of our region's premier sports fields...

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If you are still undecided which turf will be best for you – take our quick turf selection quiz.

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