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Price depends on which variety best suits your needs, the quantity you require and which region you need it delivered to.

It depends what you want to use it for. Take our turf quiz to help decide. Mostly your choices will be determined by whether it’s for residential or commercial use, whether you have kids, dogs and/or kerbing and whether the lawn will reside in shade or sun.

Fescue/Rye grass are evergreen – that is they will stay reasonably green all year round. However, just like the trees lose their leaves, even evergreen cool season turf still looks less than perfect during cooler months of the year and uses 66% more water to survive than something like Sir Walter DNA Certified. Tall Fescue also doesn’t have the ability to self repair.
We choose to cut our turf in smaller, easier to handle slabs, rather than bulkier rolls. We find this is much better as it delivers less stressful and faster establishment of your turf, it’s easier and faster to install, no need to top dress after laying your turf and it gives us the ability to supply drought tolerant turf all year round.

Not usually – forklift dimensions are 2.5m wide – 3m high

It depends on where you are, but we deliver 3 times a week to metro Melbourne.

Both brands are a variety of soft leafed buffalo. Sir Walter is an Australian born and bred turf – and the Palmetto is an imported variety from the United States. Both varieties are protected under the Plants Breeders Rights ACT, which means all growers pay a royalty per m2. The royalties for Sir Walter remain in Australia – while all royalties picked up on Palmetto are sent straight back to the states.

Sir Walter is more versatile in terms of maintenance and management, specifically Sir Walter can withstand a broader range of chemical (herbicide/pesticide), than most other Buffalo lawns can handle.

Sir Walter will perform better in shade and will recover better from wear. In our transitional climate this far south – the Sir Walter will also recover from winter dormancy faster if managed correctly.

The only other difference to mention is based on many trials, Palmetto is more susceptible to fungal problems in regions with humid weather.

Major turf companies in Melbourne who have previously grown Palmetto have now sprayed out Palmetto and replaced their stocks with Sir Walter.

It IS more expensive upfront – but actually, in the long run it is less expensive to maintain – in time and money. Due to its unique growth habit, (only grows across the surface of the soil) you will not need to use chemicals to keep it out of garden beds, stone/bark mulch areas, cracks in concrete or pavers.

As the premier product in our stable, all orders of Sir Walter also receive a complementary bucket of Sir Launcher (fertilizer/water crystal) and Seasol.

Due to the slow growth rates of Sir Walter in northern Victoria (shorter growing season – Sept – April) – we are unable to harvest it as often as we are other varieties. Even though it requires the same input costs of other varieties (eg fertilizer, water etc) – it takes longer to rotate Sir Walter paddocks. Eg – Eureka Kikuyu could sometimes get two cuts per year, where Sir Walter is only just one cut per year. Sir Walter is also a protected variety under the Plants Breeders Rights ACT – it therefore incurs additional fees and charges that we (the grower) must pay in royalties back to the plant breeder.

Sir Walter is a superior product – you get what you pay for. Best results with the minimum input.

Yes! Brilliant for large expansive areas of 2000m2 plus – depending on access and shape of area. We also have a maxi roll installer – speak to our turf managers for a full site inspection.

This is the most common call inquiry we have after/during winter. You first need to determine type of weed - view our range of webisodes on weed management for a step by step how to guide.

POA – price usually depends on which variety will best suit your needs, what quantity you require and which region you will need it delivered to. With so many variables – it is best if you speak to one of our turf sales professionals to avoid any confusion.

Depends what you want to use it for. You are best to take our turf quiz to help with this process. Mostly your choices will be determined by one or more of the following factors, be it a residential backyard, front yard feature lawn, for kids or dogs, or if there is any shade in your yard, or if there are any garden beds bordering the proposed turf area.

If yes to:

  • Shade – you will need to consider the Sir Walter. Sir Walter is the only drought tolerant turf variety that will perform well in full sun and shade – all other varieties need full sun environments to thrive.
  • If you do NOT have shade – then you have lots of options – any of our turf varieties will be suitable.
  • Kids or dogs – all our varieties will be great for you – they all have a lateral growth habit which means they all have the ability to self repair if they are damaged from kids or dogs.
  • Feature area/adjoining garden beds: Sir Walter is the only non invasive drought tolerant turf on the market. While it still has the benefit of its ability to self repair (lateral growth habit) its root system travels only across the surface of the soil – unlike a Eureka Kikuyu or a Couch.
  • High traffic/public access area: Generally recommend a Eureka Kikuyu – it is the most aggressive growing – so will self repair quicker if it sustains damage from general wear and tear. Beware it will become more high maintenance if it is over managed!

If you are still deliberating – visit our varieties page to help you choose – or visit one of our regional landscape display centres and have a look/touch first hand.

In summary – "You will love all our turf varieties – they are all great – most of the time it comes down to what "look" you prefer (e.g broad leaf, finer more manicured looking lawn).

Similarities shared by all varieties:

We specialise exclusively in the supply of drought tolerant turfs only – which means they are all:

  • drought tolerant
  • have low water requirements
  • low maintenance (compared to cool season grasses)
  • tough as nails – they are super hardy to endure daily wear and tear – particularly for anyone with dogs or kids,
  • they all have a lateral growth habit which means they have the ability to self repair – so if they do get damaged at all – you’re protecting your long term investment because they will grow back after a couple of mows. (NB. This is only in the growing season – usually between October – April – growth during winter months is usually slow).


Sir Walter:

Less invasive

Sir Walter is less invasive than the couch and the Eureka Kikuyu. Sir Walter only travels across the surface of the soil – where the couch and Eureka Kikuyu have roots that travel underneath and across which mean they require more maintenance usually with some sort of chemical to stop it from getting into garden beds, sandpits, pavers or cracks in concrete. Do you have any garden beds in your yard where you plan to lay the turf?

Greater shade tolerance

Sir Walter will grow in full sun or part shade.

Winter colour

Because Sir Walter can grow in shade – you will generally find that turfed areas that are protected by trees, the eaves of a building, or similar shade, will retain medium winter colour during its dormant period. Any area of turf that is totally exposed to the elements will discolour severely during unseasonal frosty winters. This appearance can be minimised with management, if you fertilise during April and again in May.

Softer texture

Sir Walter is a much broader leafed than couch and Eureka Kikuyu, which means it has a softer texture and tends to itch less than other varieties – so is better suited to families with kids who have allergies.

Fescue/Rye grass are the most common varieties of evergreen turfs – that is they will stay reasonably green all year round. However, just like the trees lose their leaves, even evergreen cool season turf still looks less than perfect during cooler months of the year. Up until 2008 – we did supply a fescue, however, due to its extremely high water requirements in harsh hot summers typically experienced in northern Victoria – we now choose not to grow cool season varieties that are not suitable for most of the year in our region. The latest scientific research results suggest that a fescue lawn needs approximately 66% more water to survive than a Sir Walter lawn. Tall Fescue only has an upright growth habit – which means it doesn’t have the ability to self repair if it gets damaged – no protection on your investment!

Yes – all orders receive complimentary starter fertiliser. All orders of Sir Walter that are over 40m2 receive complimentary Sir launcher (our custom blend fertiliser/water crystals product) and a product we recommend called Seasol – all inclusive in your delivered price.

We choose to cut our turf in smaller, easier to handle slabs, rather than bulkier, back breaking rolls for the following reasons:

  • Improved, less stressful establishment for turf (fool proof)
  • Faster establishment period
  • Easier and faster to install – not as back breaking as turf rolls
  • Improved levels of customer satisfaction when your delivery arrives on site greenside up – you will be amazed how this will enhance your customers landscape experience (no more dirty ball of roots on the pallet!)
  • Duty of care for your employees – from an OH and S perspective slabs comply with maximum lift weights, weighing nearly half as much as a single roll of turf does
  • No need to top dress after laying your turf
  • Ability to supply drought tolerant turf all year round

The dimensions of each slab are 1.2m2 long and 408mm wide.

Thickness depends on variety (Sir Walter is approx. 40mm thick whereas Couch and Eureka Kikuyu are approx 30mm thick).

Dimensions can also vary depending on which machine is being used to cut the turf.

The basic rule is 1 slab = 0.49m2, or just under half a metre2.

Actually we are supply only – but we can put you in contact with one of our recommended landscapers.

Approximately 40m2/person/hour – we recommend putting on beers and a bbq and invite your mates around to help!

Our Sir Walter branded fertilizer is a top quality, well balanced high quality NPK product manufactured specifically for turfgrass.

40m2 Sir Walter = 1 tonne
50m2 of Couch or Eureka Kikuyu = approx. 1 tonne.

To meet Vic Roads height restrictions for legal loads pallets for farm pick up will be as follows: Sir Walter = 30m2, Couch and Eureka Kikuyu = 40m2.

We don’t have any set days to any particular region – we always try to fit in with the customer needs – as long as you give us a couple of days notice we can usually work it in. We also deliver on Saturday mornings – which is a great option for people who work during the week and can’t take time off. Because turf is a perishable product, it is critical it is installed on the day of delivery to ensure it has the best chance of surviving. If you only need small quantities on a day when the Coolabah truck is busy in another region, we have daily courier services to most areas on request.

Key questions when taking an order:

Postal address for invoicing.
Delivery address.
Confirm variety.
Daytime contact phone number (Every customer receives a courtesy call the day prior to their delivery to let them their allocated ETA and to assist with last minute queries to offer peace of mind).

Between 1- 3pm Monday – Friday and between 8am – 9am on Saturday mornings - unless by other arrangement.

Delivery service regions:

Due to a number of reliable freight options within our network, we are excited to offer daily deliveries for small orders to every region.

YES!! People love to look and feel the real McCoy!

Our Echuca office is open 9am-4pm midweek and Saturday mornings by appointment. We encourage people to call ahead to make an appointment so we are free to spend some time with them. We really welcome people to visit our farm to view products first hand because most of the time it’s just a matter of personal preference in terms of which grass will suit most people – despite the various characteristics of each variety. Landscape displays are also located at:

Shepparton – Michel’s Landscape and Garden Design, 1 Telford Drive, or Water Plus Irrigation, 185 Benalla Rd.
Bendigo – ASQ Garden World, 187 Upper Californian Gully Rd, Eaglehawk
Albury-Wodonga – Peards Garden World, 119 Borella Rd, Albury.
Ballarat – Grow Master Ballarat - Lot 21 Melbourne Rd, Woodmans Hill.
Horsham – Horsham Instant Lawn, 27 Hamilton Rd, Horsham

The best turf is in the best preparation – this is a critical step in the overall process of your turf project. The main things to highlight are that the soil must be a high quality sandy loam that is moisture retentive to help minimize their lawns long term water requirements. The degree of drought tolerance of the lawn will also be improved with greater soil depths – we recommend a minimum soil depth of between 100 – 150mm.

Please check out our webisode on site preparation or visit our site preparation page of this website to view footage of the step by step guide.

Exactly as if you were preparing a seedbed. Rotary hoe the area to give you a fine tilled finished surface – 100mm - 150mm depth ideal.

Ideal window to establish stolens is between September – Feb to ensure a reasonable cover over the prepared area before winter if planting at recommended rate of 10%. (need heat to thrive and grow out – wont grow in cold weather). If budget permits – they may want to plant at a higher rate to try to get full cover quicker. Eureka Kikuyu and Couch will establish the fastest because of their aggressive underground root systems. You can also sprig Sir Walter.

Spread stolens evenly over the top of prepared surface. Till through the surface to a depth of 25-50mm with a rotary hoe or power harrow. This will ensure soil contact on the stolen to prevent any stock loss. Pending time of year – will need to be kept moist for up to at least 6 weeks. Because you are choosing to not hard turf the area, there is a high possibility of annual weed invasion – which will need to be managed either by hand weeding, or selective herbicide application.

You may choose to use a pre-emergent herbicide at planting to prevent weeds emerging for up to 10 weeks – depending which product applied. You will need to book in to have turf shredded 4-5 days in advance where possible. Sprigs are delivered onsite via independent tip truck company (POA based on distance from farm) or available for pick up. Customers need to have a trailer or small truck with a tarp or similar cover. Eg. 50m2 will fill a tandem trailer.

Price structure for sprigs:

Calculate price of turf to be purchased. Eg 1000m2 to cover – will need to buy 100m2 if planting @ 10%.
Plus processing fee of $300 for the first 100m2 or less - then $2/m2 thereafter.

90m2 = $300
150m2 = $300 + $100 (50m2 x 2) = $400

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