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Landscape architects

With the easing of lawn watering bans state wide, we have been inundated with inquiries regarding appropriate turf choices for large commercial and smaller backyard landscape projects. Despite the recent increase in the state’s water storages, we would like to continue our environmental message to our green industry peers and the broader community to water lawn areas on an as needs basis only and continue to preserve our precious water resources to prevent future cycles of lawn watering bans which we have all battled during the past 8-10 years.

Coolabah Turf is proud of its reputation as proactive turf producers specialising in the exclusive supply of water efficient turfgrass varieties for the future. It is critical our region’s landscape industry groups join forces with a united message to capitalise on the good watering habits which homeowners, council parks and garden staff, and managers of our community sporting facilities have adopted through drought.

Our team of lawn professionals are keen to assist you in your role to influence and educate decision makers about appropriate turf varieties to protect our communities’ investments in green space. It is up to each and every one of us to start preparing for our next drought cycle NOW – not once it is upon us.

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Home Owners

All Coolabah Turf varieties have a self repairing growth habit to enable them to endure the wear and tear of family life. Whether it’s backyard cricket, relaxing by the pool, or simply sitting back and watching the tiny tearaways running around we have a variety to suit your needs.

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Commercial and Councils

Coolabah Turf provides a full service for commercial and council customers including sprigging, line planting and big roll turf options. The Coolabah Turf team prides itself on keeping key landscape industry stakeholders informed with the latest advances turfgrass development with trade days, farm tours and product launch functions.

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With our increased production capacity we can now supply and install Eureka Kikuyu and Couch lawn varieties in maxi rolls. (20m²/roll) Big rolls work best in open spaces without an excessive amount of curves or trees. As with all sod installations proper soil preparation is essential. So while not appropriate for every situation, here are some reasons why you might prefer to go for big rolls instead of our slab cut method in large public areas or playing fields:

  • Higher quality, more efficient, faster establishment.
  • Less down time off the field.
  • Improved playability.
  • Provides a smoother surface with fewer joins.
  • Less chance for edges to dry out.
  • Faster installation process, which brings the added benefit of being able to apply water sooner, resulting in less stress to the lawn.

Case Study: Bendigo medium strip

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Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu is a superior performing option for public open space during summer or winter establishment. Its proven performance in community green space corridors has seen its rapid rise to become our number one seller for Victorian local government parks teams and land developers who want to attain optimum results year round and a guaranteed return on their landscape investment.

Case Study: Bendigo medium strip gallery:
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Natural turf is Mother Nature’s overlooked, yet most efficient cooling system! The temperature of a healthy lawn area in the middle of summer is 10°C less than bare soil, 20°C less than asphalt, concrete or pebble mulch and 40°C less than synthetic turf!

5 reasons to love turf in your school yard

  • Turf Loves Cooling
    Turf is Mother Nature’s most efficient natural air conditioner. The temperature of a healthy lawn area in the middle of summer is 10 degrees celsius less than bare soil, 20 degrees less than asphalt, concrete or pebble mulch and 40 degrees less than synthetic turf.
  • Turf Loves Lowering Emissions
    A building surrounded by turf will negate the need to run air conditioners for as often or as long, which helps reduce the amount of carbon pollutants created by electricity, and will help reduce your school power bill! The average home lawn produces the same cooling effect as 9 tonnes of air conditioning (enough for two houses).
  • Turf Loves Making Oxygen 
    Lawn area of just 5m² will provide enough oxygen for one person for an entire day.
  • Turf Loves The Environment 
    Turf combats climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions caused by the burning of fossil fuels and a range of other human activity. It acts as a natural sink for carbon dioxide and replenishes soil and improves its quality.
  • Turf Loves Exercise 
    Green open space inspires active bodies and minds. Public access areas of natural lawn, promotes healthy communities and helps tackle physical health problems such as obesity. Green space also enhances mental health and human productivity.
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A quality lawn can enhance a quality home. From one-off residential off-plan houses to architect designed complexes, Coolabah Turf can help you add that special finishing touch to your build and keep your customers smiling.

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Real Estate Agents

A quality lawn can enhance a quality home. Get your customers to add a new lawn to their home and give them a unique selling point over their competition. Coolabah Turf can help your customers add that special finishing touch to their house and achieve a better price and help you earn your commission – everyone’s happy.