Liquid Lawn Fertilisers

If you’ve recently installed new instant turf, or are looking to improve your current lawn, liquid lawn fertiliser will help you keep it looking lush and green. With all the nutrients that your lawn needs to stay strong and healthy, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Regularly feeding your lawn is quick and easy, but you’ll notice a big difference in colour and resistance against disease and pests. Liquid turf fertiliser doesn’t take long to apply and can be used throughout the year – even if you have pets. Read More

Follow the instructions on each product to ensure you create the correct dilution for your lawn. And in a few minutes, your monthly maintenance is complete.

Who Will Benefit from Liquid Turf Fertiliser?

Your family, your friends, your neighbours, and your bank balance will all benefit from keeping your lawn healthy with liquid turf fertiliser. Having a well-maintained private space outdoors, such as a backyard, means your children and pets can play safely in a beautiful, natural environment. You can host gatherings, of friends and family without feeling embarrassed about patchy, yellowing grass. And you might even be the talk of the street as the neighbours wonder what your secret lawn care recipe is!

Instead of throwing in the towel, and giving up on your lawn, try using our powerful, nutritional liquid lawn feed. Much like a poorly patient, you can regularly nurse your lawn back to health using our liquid turf fertiliser.

Healthier Lawns with Our Liquid Lawn Feed

We are a team of passionate, lawn-care enthusiasts. Lawns are our life, and it’s our mission to help you create a lawn space you can be proud of.

From turf supply to fertiliser products, we provide all you need to get that perfect lawn for your family and pets to enjoy. And if decide to sell your home – a fresh and healthy lawn will add instant value to your property.

Lawns aren’t just for decoration. They serve an incredible purpose – especially as our weather becomes more erratic. If you find the Australian summers a bit too hot, a good-quality lawn can help reduce the temperatures surrounding your home. Asphalt and concrete amplify the heat, but lawns are much cooler – by up to 10 degrees.

It’s the more cost-efficient option in the long run too. With Coolabah Turf, you’ll get a 10-year turf warranty, and much cheaper energy bills too.

Liquid Grass Fertiliser Make It Easier for You to Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces

From an incredibly straightforward ordering system to professional delivery, Coolabah Turf is here to take the stress from renovating your yard. We take pride in installing the best turf in Melbourne, and we want to help you maintain your lawn by removing all the guesswork.

When you buy turf with Coolabah Turf, you get lifetime access to our turf advice hotline so we can help answer any questions you may have about your product.

Take a look at the nutritional liquid grass fertiliser products available at Coolabah Turf that keep your lawn healthy all year round. Read Less

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