Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu


Perfect for: Public green space corridors, low maintenance school ovals, second tier community sporting venues, nature strips, or residential home yards without automated irrigation. Eureka Premium VG is perfect for areas which need to sustain high traffic during winter as it is more active than other drought tolerant turf varieties during dormancy.

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Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu is more active than other drought tolerant varieties of grass during winter. It has an attractive soft leaf and a medium texture, and is known for its dense coverage, and hard-wearing, low maintenance features. It will look good and perform well all year round.

Best used for:

This is an ideal grass choice for those seeking a hard-wearing and low maintenance lawn. It works well in areas where opportunities for maintenance, water and fertiliser are limited, such as school ovals, community sporting venues, public green space corridors, nature strips or residential areas.

Not recommended for:

Highly shaded areas will generally cause problems for Eureka Premium VG turf.

Growth habit:

Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu has a unique growth habit and a tight sward, which allows it to create a dense, thick lawn. This enables it to establish faster, recover quicker from wear and tear and supress weeds more easily.


Eureka Premium VG is a bright green turfgrass that has superior winter colour retention, and is usually 2 – 3 shades brighter than common Eureka Kikuyu, making for a very visually appealing lawn.


Eureka Premium VG is available all year round in full sun conditions only. It won’t tolerate shade. With a strong winter growth pattern, it will establish itself easily in cool climates all year round.


Cold temperatures are no problem for Eureka Premium VG, with this grass able to recover against frost damage or wear despite cooler weather. It’s aggressive growth habit can easily cope with everyday wear and tear, making it the perfect choice for areas which need to sustain high levels of traffic during winter. It’s tough enough to handle all kinds of activities, from sporting pursuits to pet activity or children’s games.

Water usage:

Eureka Premium VG has a massive, fibrous root system that enables it to more efficiently absorb water and nutrients than other Eureka Kikuyu varieties. Thus, it is one of the most drought tolerant lawns available.


· Eureka Premium VG performs best when mowed to between 15 – 25mm with a cylinder mower. You will need to mow regularly during summer, dropping off to every few months during winter and spring. Don’t mow your Eureka Premium VG lawn too short in winter.

· A Eureka Premium VG lawn should only be watered when necessary, as this will prevent unnecessary maintenance and high thatch build-up. In summer, this may mean a light watering is necessary every week.

· Fertilise your Eureka Premium VG lawn at the start and end of summer, to keep it green and healthy throughout the year.

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