Eureka Premium VG Kikuyu


Perfect for: Public green space corridors, low maintenance school ovals, second tier community sporting venues, nature strips, or residential home yards without automated irrigation. Eureka Premium VG is perfect for areas which need to sustain high traffic during winter as it is more active than other drought tolerant turf varieties during dormancy.

  • Public green space corridors
  • Low maintenance school ovals
  • Second tier community sporting venues
  • Nature strips
  • Home yards without automated irrigation
  • Winter high traffic areas

Please note: Complimentary Starter (Launcher) Fertiliser is provided with all turf orders

*All orders under 30m2 need to be collected from our farm gate in Echuca, Victoria.
Orders between 30m2 and 39m2 are required to be picked up with a vehicle that has electric brakes.

Click in the field below and type the total meterage of lawn you require.



Currently Unavailable – pre-order now for delivery from mid-January 2022.

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