5-6 weeks after laying the turf, we suggest you apply fertiliser at a rate of 2kg/100m2 of turf.This fertiliser should be broadcast evenly over the turf surface and irrigated immediately. Try to avoid fertilising during extreme heat.

All Coolabah drought tolerant turf varieties, including Sir Walter DNA Certified, should be fertilised at the start of Spring and Autumn.

Refer to our annual lawn management guide.

To prepare your warm season grass varieties for cooler winter conditions, we recommend that your Autumn feed consist of two applications – one during the first week in April, and a second follow up application during the first week in May. You should be starting to think about fertilising again coming out of winter as Spring approaches, usually around the start of September. A maintenance feed during summer could be required to ensure your turf remains strong and healthy if it appears to be under any additional seasonal stress.

NB. Fertiliser requirements will alter with varying soil nutrient levels. Rates of applications and frequency may alter depending on plant stress at various times throughout the year.