Nullarbor Couch


Perfect for: Professional sports turf environments and premier community sporting facilities. Also great for backyard sporting heroes who want the ball to bounce or to help create a home golf green! Great drought tolerance, best results when mown with a cylinder mower. Available: All year round – full sun only.

Please note: *All orders under 40m2 (not including) need to be collected from the farm gate. Any orders between 30m2 and 39m2 need to be picked up with a vehicle that has electric brakes.

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Best used for:

As Nullarbor Couch is such a durable and tolerant grass, it’s the perfect option for professional sports turf environments and community sporting facilities. And if you want to create a golf green or mini sports lawn in your backyard, look no further than this soft yet hard-wearing grass. Nullarbor Coach can be mown very short (as low as 10mm in height) to produce a manicured-looking surface that will allow for balls to bounce well and games to be enjoyed. Mowing with a cylinder mower will give best results.

Not recommended for:

It is not ideal to grow Nullarbor Couch in areas near garden beds, as it has a very invasive and aggressive growth habit that may encroach upon the garden, and is susceptible to winter weed invasion.


Nullarbor Couch is a summer active grass with an attractive fine leaf blade and high thatch. It creates a tidy, manicured and resilient lawn that is highly recommended for superior sporting surfaces, as well as domestic lawns, streetscapes and commercial landscapes.

Growth habit:

Nullarbor Couch has a strong, horizontal growth habit, and is an aggressive creeping grass in most soil types. It will provide a thick, dense cover.


Luscious mid green. This grass will however lose some of its colour while it is dormant in the cooler months, although fertilisation can help improve this.


Nullarbor Couch can be grown all year round, although it does best in full sun conditions. It requires at least 6 – 7 hours of direct sunlight a day to thrive and maintain its green colour. It has a low dormancy, meaning it will get an early start to growth after winter.


This grass recovers quickly from daily wear and tear and other stresses, with excellent wear tolerance. It can take a pounding from children, pets and high volumes of foot traffic. It has good disease resistance and will thrive in a wide variety of soil types. It

also tolerates broadleaf herbicides very well and can handle frosty conditions better than other types of couch.

Water usage:

Nullarbor Couch is one of the best choices for a hot and sunny climate, as it has exceptional drought tolerance and low water requirements.


· You will need to stay on top of your mowing with Nullarbor Couch, and mow frequently-used areas every 5 – 7 days in summer. This can decrease to mowing every two weeks during winter.

· A regular fertilisation schedule with ensure the grass stays green and healthy during winter. Fertilise Nullarbor Couch in mid-September to promote spring growth, and again in early April to ensure the lawn stays healthy throughout the cooler winter months.

· Deep and infrequent watering is best to promote healthy growth. Early in the morning is the best time to water Nullarbor Couch. Watering may need to increase during prolonged dry periods.

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