ColourGuard Plus Concentrate 2.5lt

ColourGuard Plus Concentrate 2.5lt


ColourGuard Plus is a 100% organic and non-toxic grass colourant which has the addition of a NPK nutrient package. This combination of vital micro nutrients with an organic pigment will improve both the appreance and health of your lawn at any time of the year. One application gives your lawn up to 3 months of natural green colour.

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Perfect fit for – Home owners, Mowing contractors, Landscapers, Councils and Resellers.

Easy to handle – 2.5lt concentrate

Application rate – 50mls per 7lts water to cover 100m2 or 500mls per 70lts water to cover 1000m2

ColourGuard Plus Difference: ColourGuard Plus isn’t a lawn paint. It is an organic pigment blended for a micro nutrient package that is naturally absorbed by the grass leaf.

Protect your Lawn: Think of ColourGuard Plus like a sunscreen for your lawn – screens out harmful UV rays, still allows filtered light to hit the leaf blade, protects your lawn during the hottest months of the year and colours your turf during dormancy.

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