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Enhance Your Lawn with Our Lawn Fertiliser

A full, vibrant lawn is one of the first things you notice about a garden. However achieving that perfect finish requires more than simply watering and mowing. Ensure that your grass is getting the right nutrients with lawn fertiliser. Whether you have recently laid new turf or looking to revive your existing lawn, you have come to the right place. Read More

Here at Coolabah Turf, we specialise in lawns and lawn care. Our comprehensive range ensures that you choose the right lawn fertiliser product for your needs. Maintaining a luscious green space has never been easier. We also offer the liquid lawn fertiliser to provide immediate absorption to the roots of your grass.

The Right Way to Care for Your Lawn with Our Grass Fertiliser

Finding the right grass fertiliser for your instant lawn is the best way to achieve noticeable results. Just as there are countless varieties of turf, there are also various options when it comes to fertiliser. Rest assured that here at Coolabah Turf, we have a comprehensive range. You are sure to find the best product for your turf in our range.

And if you need some extra assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team. We are lawn experts and can quickly identify the best fertiliser to buy in order to see results. Learning how to care for your lawn the right way is easy with our team by your side. With a variety of types, you can find a fertiliser that suits your preferences, including fertiliser for buffalo grass. From granular fertiliser to liquid fertiliser, you can find a product that suits you and your lifestyle.

Turf Fertiliser Ensures That Your New Lawn Gets the Best Start to Life

When you have freshly laid turf, it’s important to ensure it gets the right nutrients. Our fertilisers promote healthy growth, enhance the colour and texture, and improve resistance to traffic and weathering. By giving your lawn the best start to life, you’ll save time, stress and money in the future.

From family picnics and barbecues to relaxed evenings, there are endless opportunities to enjoy your green space. But all activities are made better on a lawn that is springy and full of life. Just imagine your outdoor workout on a soft, full lawn. It would be much better than patchy and dry grass that is lacking energy.

Prioritise the health of your lawn by investing in a great turf fertiliser from day one. Maintaining a top quality lawn is much less work than restoring its health once it has started to deteriorate. Alongside our fertilisers we offer a range of lawn food, lawn kelper and hand-held spreaders so you are sure to find everything you need in our range.

Speak to Our Team Today about Lawn Fertiliser Product

Incorporating the right lawn fertiliser product into your lawn care routine is the key to achieving and maintaining a happy lawn. Turn your green space into a thriving haven with our help. Browse our range to buy turf online or get in touch with our friendly team on 1800 055 515 to begin. Our lawn experts are always on hand to point you in the right direction. Read Less

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