Aftercare: Buffalo Grass Fertiliser

Buffalo Grass Fertiliser for Easier, More Effective Maintenance

Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo grass is Australia’s number one grass variety. With resistance to drought and superior looks even in the shade, this grass needs very little maintenance. But, to keep it looking better for longer, we recommend using a quality Buffalo grass fertiliser. Read More

This premium fertiliser for Buffalo grass is a special blend that gives your lawn all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. With a luscious green yard, your yard will look professionally landscaped all year round.

Buffalo grass is the go-to grass type because it stands the test of a well-used yard. Children and pets can run and play, without causing accidental damage. You can hang out outside with friends and family, enjoying the many health benefits of a relaxing afternoon in your own private sanctuary.

With just a little regular maintenance using Buffalo lawn fertiliser, your grass will be the envy of the street.

You can purchase Buffalo fertiliser in 3kg, 4kg or 10kg buckets (4kg is suitable for around 200 m2).

Coolabah Turf: The Buffalo Lawn and Buffalo Fertiliser Experts

As an award-winning instant turf business, it’s our mission to supply healthy, easy-to-maintain lawns across Australia. The particular climate here means that speciality grasses, such as the Sir Walter DNA Buffalo Grass, are needed to survive the hot and cold extremes.

That’s why we continually invest in research and development, to ensure you have access to the most premium products that thrive – and will ensure your lawn will last for years to come.

And we guarantee it.

Each lawn comes with our Lawn for Life promise, guaranteeing the quality of your product for 10 years. And our Bloody Great Grass Guarantee assures you that all varieties of grass purchased through Coolabah Turf will be pest, weed, and disease-free at the time of delivery.

We take pride in our work, with a fleet of refrigerated trucks and specialist equipment to maintain the integrity of your lawn throughout its journey to you. Our team of turf farm experts can take on any project, large or small, commercial or residential, and provide you with the lawn you deserve.

While the instructions for maintaining your lawn using our Buffalo Grass fertiliser are available on the bucket, as a Coolabah customer you also get free lawn care advice through our Coolabah Turf Lawn Doctor hotline.

Ordering Your Fertiliser for Buffalo Grass

The Buffalo fertilisers available through Coolabah Turf are specially formulated to give your Buffalo grass the boost it needs to thrive in harsh conditions. Whether in full view of the sun or partially shaded, Buffalo grass is hardy and damage resistant. It needs very little water once established, making it one of the easiest to care for varieties.

However, you can also use our grass & lawn fertiliser collection for other lawn types too. This is especially helpful if you have more than one grass type on your property because you won’t need to purchase multiple products for different care needs.

Each 4kg bucket is good for 200 m2 of turf. If you have a large lawn, consider purchasing the 10kg bucket to ensure you have enough to cover the whole area, or for multiple applications though the seasons

If you have Buffalo grass and want to keep it looking as healthy as the day you got it, take a look at our speciality Buffalo Lawn Fertiliser items, and make your purchase today. Read Less

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