Sir Walter DNA Certified Turf


Perfect for: Residential yards with kids or dogs, or if you are looking for a low maintenance feature lawn around garden beds, courtyards or pools. Performs well in full sun or lightly shaded areas (more than 3 hours of light) with minimal water requirements once established. This is our #1 seller for home lawn areas.

Please note: *All orders under 40m2 (not including) need to be collected from the farm gate. Any orders between 30m2 and 39m2 need to be picked up with a vehicle that has electric brakes.


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Sir Walter DNA Certified is a premium quality soft leaf Buffalo grass that will give you a beautiful-looking and hard-wearing lawn that will last for years. It is a low allergy variety that produces less pollen than other types of grass, so is a better choice for sufferers of hay fever and allergies. Known as Australia’s go anywhere, grown anywhere premium lawn turf, Sir Walter DNA Certified is the most versatile grass currently on the market. Requiring less fertiliser and chemicals than other varieties, Sir Walter DNA Certified is also one of the most environmentally friendly grasses around.

Best used for:

Sir Walter DNA Certified works wonderfully well for residential yards used by children or pets, and for low maintenance feature lawns in residential or commercial situations. It is Australia’s number one selling grass. It makes a great family lawn that can be used for all purposes.

Growth habit:

Sir Walter DNA Certified has a fast, tight and creeping growth habit, and a root system that travels across the top of the soil rather than growing underneath it, making it much easier to manage than more invasive varieties.


A luscious, rich emerald green colour. It will stay mostly evergreen throughout winter, with only minimal colour loss in most parts of Australia during frosty conditions.


Sir Walter DNA Certified is available all year round for full sun positions. For best results in shaded or high traffic areas, it should only be installed in the warmer months between September and April. Needing only 2 – 3 hours of full sun per day, Sir Walter DNA Certified turf has very high shade tolerance and can thrive in either direct sunlight or shade.


Sir Walter DNA Certified is drought, shade, insect, weed and pet resistant, making it very tough, durable and easy to care for. Due to its fast, creeping growth habit, Sir Walter DNA Certified turf is self-repairing against damage caused by children, pets or high amounts of traffic over the lawn. It is the most versatile grass on the market and will grow and thrive anywhere in Australia. It can survive drought, frost, extreme heat or full sun or shade. It is also salt tolerant and able to survive in coastal areas or inland salinity regions.

Water usage:

Sir Walter DNA Certified’s dense, lateral growth habit helps to slow evaporation, meaning it won’t need watering as often. It can also create a deep, thick root system, allowing it to thrive without drying out during the warmer months.


Sir Walter DNA Certified will provide you with a very low maintenance lawn, and you won’t need to spend as much time on tasks such as mowing, weeding, watering or

  • Fertilising as you would with other varieties of grass. There are a few things to keep in mind however.
  • Once a Sir Water lawn has been established, it should only need deep, infrequent watering.
  • Never mow lower than 30mm to ensure healthy growth and a soft leaf texture.
  • A regular fertilising regime is essential, in mid-September to green the lawn up after winter, and again in April to stimulate growth into the cooler months.

While the initial cost of a Sir Walter DNA Certified lawn is slightly higher than some other varieties, it is a more cost-efficient choice in the long run as the ongoing costs of watering and maintaining this variety of grass are significantly less than any other turf variety.

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