Laying your own Coolabah Lawn image

If you are embarking on your first DIY instant lawn installation project, you can expect to lay approximately 40m2/person/hour – so best to put some beers on ice, crank the barbie and invite your mates around to help!

NB. Instant Turf is a perishable product. It is critical you lay your turf as soon as it is delivered.

Laying tips

  • Ensure the prepared surface is firm enough to walk on whilst laying but not packed too tightly.
  • Make sure the soil is moist to avoid scolding the roots, especially during warmer months.
  • Apply fertiliser (as supplied) at a rate of 2kg/100m2.
  • Begin laying turf along the longest and straightest edge of the prepared site, using a brick laying technique. This simply means you should stagger the joins, which will help retain turf moisture.
  • If laying instant turf on steep gradients, you may have to peg it down to prevent it from moving until roots have initiated.
  • When you have finished laying all turf, you may wish to use a roller over the surface to ensure good soil-turf contact.
  • Water the turf immediately after laying and then two to three times a day, for at least the next fortnight. (Depending on the time of year and climate conditions of the immediate environment).
  • Keep traffic to a minimum during the first 6 weeks after laying the turf.

If you are laying Sir Walter DNA Certified, it is recommended that you top dress the turf with a clean garden sand to help aid soil moisture retention and to assist with initial root establishment.

Essential equipment you will need to lay your turf:

  • Spade.
  • Shears or sharp knife to cut turf in and around garden edges, sprinklers etc.
  • Rake (to smooth out any disturbance to soil whilst laying).

NB. If you would prefer assistance from a qualified landscaper to help install an automated irrigation system and to lay the turf for you, contact the Coolabah Turf Crew for a list of recommended professional contacts in your area.