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Tank grey and bore water options: Protect your investment – install an irrigation system!

To ensure the long term life of your lawn and to minimise the demands on your personal time to care for it, we recommend you install an automated irrigation system prior to laying your turf. We recommend you speak to an irrigation professional to explore all options before embarking on your turf project.

With continuing uncertainty of water restrictions in all areas, you may need to consider installing an independent water supply to ensure your turf and landscape can be sustained long term regardless of restriction bylaws enforced. Most homeowners are successfully establishing  sustainable home lawns and gardens with tank, grey, and bore water.

The unique growth habit of all Coolabah drought tolerant turf varieties means they can live without any water for four months of the year. Pending seasonal weather conditions in northern Victoria, drought tolerant turf should only need to be watered between November and April, as compared to fescue lawn and other cool season varieties, which will usually require watering from September through May.

Once your drought tolerant turf has matured, don’t feel obligated to water every night. You should try to water less frequently, but with larger quantities. Eg. Deep watering once a week, instead of 10 minutes everyday. This will force the roots to chase the moisture further into the ground and help train your lawn to become more drought tolerant.

Water Budget to maintain a healthy thriving lawn:

Grass Variety

Weekly Water Requirement*

H20 Requirement per week/100m2
(during peak irrigation periods)

Sir Walter DNA Certified
Nullarbor Couch
Cool season grasses


2000-2500 litres/100m2/week
2000-2500 litres/100m2/week
4000-5000 litres/100m2/week

H20 required per week for 100m2 of lawn

*Recommended water requirements will vary depending on time of year and seasonal weather patterns. Rates outlined are based on peak summer periods. Water requirements will also vary depending on irrigation method (subsurface or spray), soil types and gradient in the immediate area.

To establish your new lawn:

To estimate water requirements of a new lawn, you would need to double quantities estimated above for the establishment period (usually between three – five weeks depending on time of year and weather).