The Coolabah Turf Test

Which turf when... or what turf where?

Before purchasing your new lawn, take our short turf quiz below to guarantee you are choosing a lawn variety to best suit your lifestyle needs. While any turf supplied in an instant roll out form will instantly transform your yard, there are a few different characteristics you might need to consider during your purchasing process to ensure its going to meet your long term expectations. Our Turf Test is a guide to help you choose the right turf for your yard, maintenance expectations and environmental conditions.  

Question 1:
Do you have any busy kids or big dogs? 

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Question 2:
Do you have any garden beds in your area?

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Question 3:
Do you have any shade that will partially cover your turfed area?

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Question 4:
Do you plan to install an automated irrigation system?

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Benefits of turf

If, like many of our customers, you want to do your bit to combat climate change, you’ll be pleased to know that Coolabah Turf specialises in drought-tolerant turf varieties. Once established, they have minimal water requirements and can be maintained with grey, tank or bore water supplies.

A landscape of turf will transform your hot, bare yard and reduce surface temperatures by up to 10ºC, or up to 30ºC compared to synthetic surfaces.

And from an environmental standpoint, a small lawn area of just 5m2 of turf will provide enough oxygen for one person for an entire day!

So reduce your carbon footprint in an instant and invest in Mother Nature’s overlooked, yet most efficient, cooling system – a healthy lawn from Coolabah Turf.

Other benefits of turf include:

Environmental: soil erosion control, dust prevention, heat dissipation, noise abatement, glare reduction, air pollution control.

Recreational: low cost playing surface for community parks, playgrounds, golf courses, and sports fields. Enhanced player safety and spectator enjoyment.

Commercial: boost property values.

Aesthetics: quality of life, social harmony, community pride.

Reduce your carbon footprint

For more environmental facts on the benefits of preserving green space in your community, check out:

Premium quality slab cut instant turf!

Our back up support team of professional instant turf managers will GUARANTEE you always have the best looking lawn in the street!

The Coolabah Turf philosophy to specialise in the exclusive supply of environmentally sustainable watersmart turfgrass varieties will ensure we fulfil our “lawn for life” promise to every customer.

All Coolabah Turf instant lawn varieties such as Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo LawnEureka Premium VG and Nullarbor Couch are harvested fresh daily from our Echuca (Victoria) farms straight to your door – all in less than 24 hours 

All Coolabah Turf instant lawn products are supplied in an easy to lay slab-cut form to ensure foolproof establishment for every DIY landscape project. Prime slab-cut turf also means each piece is nearly half the weight of traditional instant turf rolls, making the installation process less back-breaking and more fun for the whole family.

Because slab-cut turf comes with a thicker base of soil (between 30-40mm) it will establish twice a fast, require half as much water, and means our premier varieties are now available all year round!

Turf slabs are 1220mm long and 410mm wide. Slab cut instant turf is faster and easier to install, removes the need for top dressing turf upon installation, and are more user friendly and lighter in weight than traditional turf rolls. Turf slabs also require less water during establishment, and are awesome at minimising future weed issues. 

See our instant turf varieties